about me


Don’t be scared by the way I analyze you.

I’m just in the process of creating a story in my head and you happen to be one of the lucky characters. I'm either painting rainbows or thunderstorms behind you. Depends on the mood you catch me in. My imagination is my best friend. 


I'm a writer/director and producer.

I have fun making music videos, commercials and films. Stop-motion animation was one of my hobbies, and it became a “thing” on a lot of my work. Although sometimes it’s time-consuming, I really enjoy bringing life to anything that stands in front of me. Aside from stop-motion animation, I also do tabletop, narrative and more. I’m a bilingual director living in Los Angeles CA, with work experience in Mexico and the USA.  I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a BA in Film and Video Production. I also have a Screenwriting certificate from NYFA, and a Masters in Media Production from CEI Madrid.   


Want to know more?

To learn more about me and my work, visit my company website www.espinablanca.com